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Be proud of where you are from! This Christmas add more bling to your Christmas tree with these intricately designed ornaments. The time of festivities cannot be complete without a nice Christmas tree. These heritage-inspired holiday ornaments will instantly become the centerpiece of your Christmas tree with its natural sheen and intricately detailed designs. The ornament hangs elegantly with their hoop that can be attached to the top of your tree. The festive season is a time to bring all the heritages together, so whether you are a Native American, black/white, Hebrew or Cherokee, or from an entirely different country these charms represents where you come from.

These hanging ornaments are crafted from white metal topped in a silver finish.  There is a nice little rose suspended from the ornament which has a 0.7-inch unique charm in the middle. These have a variety of shapes depending upon the type of charm you pick with each having a unique color and design. Some of these charms even have 1.5 carats of pave set cubic zirconia accents which elevates the class of these ornaments to the next level.

Define your Heritage

Showcase where you come from with these shimmering ornaments that can act as a great Christmas décor. This heritage charm symbolizes your pride from the region that you belong to and is a great gift to give any individual. Explore our wide collection of holiday ornaments and find the perfect gift that you want.