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Show your respect for the men at the border! This holiday season, spare a moment of thought and respect for the men who guard our borders. These men put their lives on the line just to make sure that we remain safe and sound within our borders. The military-inspired charms from Inspired Christmas will bring out the patriot in everyone who looks at this shimmering piece of ornaments. The hoop design at the tip of the charm makes it easy to suspend it from your Christmas tree. The festive season is a time to pay our respects to the men at the border and their family members as well. Choose from the range of ornaments inspired by our soldiers and their family members.

These hanging ornaments are crafted from white metal that is topped in a silver finish.  These beautiful suspended ornaments have a 1-inch unique and shimmering charm in the middle. These are available in a variety of shapes with each having a unique color and design.  Some of these charms even have 2.5 carats of pave set cubic zirconia accents which elevates the class of these ornaments to the next level.

Pay Your Respects to the Men at Border

Nothing would ever suffice the work that the men at the border do, but in order to show that they are valued these ornaments are a great gift. The family members of these individuals also deserve equal respect so these ornaments are perfect to show precisely that. Choose from the collection of ornaments inspired by the military forces like Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines.